Sunday, 13 February 2011

James Blake

The self-titled nature of this album is typical. After the releases of both the Klavierwerke EP and CMYK EP, this LP follows suit, as it has surfaced in a similar low, understated fashion. By this, I don't mean that it is an album that has gone unnoticed, not at all! This much awaited debut has been inbuilt with anticipation. Yet, countering the hype, in bisection, it's the subtlety in each track, the tenderness of delivery, and hollowness of each dubby throb that makes James Blake work.

Evidently, this album is very personal (in name and content), as I Never Learnt To Share and Why Don't You Call Me exude this trait. In listening, it's evident you're meant to be alone. It's an album suited for isolation and reflection. There is nothing obvious or glaring about it, which is to its success - especially when considering the bright lights that have surrounded it's release. It is contemplative brilliance that has continued to embody the frosty, ghostly sound of Blake's initial releases!!

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